With a focus on the need for escaping and companionship, something we all need, the new Memoire D’Enfant takes us on a trip around the world.

Immerse yourself into the magical world of Moulin Roty and find yourself exploring the depths of the ocean floor, the dizzying heights of the air and trekking through the forest alongside interesting animals. 

The catalogue has endless pages of beautifully crafted, enchanted products for the little people in your life.  

Showcasing in this year’s Memoire D’Enfant catalogue is the new Tout Autour de Monde collection. Translating to ‘All around the world’ the exciting new range includes oversized walruses, friendly octopuses, and adorable petite turtles. With a focus on high quality, plush materials the fabulous animals are life-like with fur, tentacles, and scales. 

The creator of the collection, Cecile Blindermann, says she wanted to capture the majesty of the animal kingdom. She says choosing the right materials for their fur, wings, beaks, and features were crucial and then by adding some unusual colours and a bit of glitter they “take on a life of their own”.

Memoire D’Enfant also includes some of the classic Moulin Roty collections such as Les Schmouks, Le Jardin and Chemin du Loup but with unique new toys, games, and furry friends added to the catalogue.

There are new paint and craft sets to entertain such as oversized colouring posters, delightful additions for your nursery such as musical snow globes and a limited-edition French doll to be adored.

This year’s catalogue was designed with the idea of inviting children into the free-spirited and creative mindset of this unique brand.  

From rock concerts to the streets of Paris – magical fairies to beautiful gardens – there is an adventure for everyone.

So come with us on a trip around the world and discover the amazing and distinctive things the universe of Moulin Roty Memoire D’Enfant has to offer. View the catalogue here.