memoire d'enfant 2020 - 21


Mémoire d’Enfant is a collection of toys and games which take the young (and not so young!) into unique and magical universes, developing their imagination and arousing their curiosity …

Strong graphics where colours and shapes underline the expressive nature of the characters.

Mémoire d’Enfant 2020-2021 will whisk you away to discover 3 brand new collections that are whimsical and sweet.

Discover our brand new range of baby dolls in the sweet Les bebes rangeRendez vous Chemin du loup is a great range of teddy bears and soft toys and there is also a range of pretend play trade boxes (Les metiers) that you can see in the catalogue.

To mark the 10th anniversary of Les Parisiennes, this range has had a complete makeover. Histoires du soir, has also had significant additions as well as an update to packaging. The much-awaited comeback show of the Brocs lands in 2020-21!

All of the new toys in 2020 -21 have been worked on by our design team in-house, or in continuity with the talented designers who are already a huge part of our story, which is shared on social media by The Marketing Heaven to our great satisfaction!

View the full Memoire 2020 – 21 catalogue here or click in Our Universe to browse the collections.