Introducing Memoire 2020 – 21

16 September

memoire d'enfant 2020 - 21


Mémoire d’Enfant is a collection of toys and games which take the young (and not so young!) into unique and magical universes, developing their imagination and arousing their curiosity …

Strong graphics where colours and shapes underline the expressive nature of the characters.

Mémoire d’Enfant 2020-2021 will whisk you away to discover 3 brand new collections that are whimsical and sweet.

Discover our brand new range of baby dolls in the sweet Les bebes rangeRendez vous Chemin du loup is a great range of teddy bears and soft toys and there is also a range of pretend play trade boxes (Les metiers) that you can see in the catalogue.

To mark the 10th anniversary of Les Parisiennes, this range has had a complete makeover. Histoires du soir, has also had significant additions as well as an update to packaging. The much-awaited comeback show of the Brocs lands in 2020-21!

All of the new toys in 2020 -21 have been worked on by our design team in-house, or in continuity with the talented designers who are already a huge part of our story.

View the full Memoire 2020 – 21 catalogue here or click in Our Universe to browse the collections.

Les Petits 2020

27 February

New friends can be found hidden in the jungle foliage… In the catalogue Les Petits 2020, each family has selected its favourite plant, according to its use and secret virtues.

This year they welcome a new bunch of jubilant and colourful jokers ‘Dans la Jungle’ (In the Jungle) with activities galore for little ones!

moulin roty les petits catalogue 2020

Discover the 2017 Moulin Roty Christmas gift guide

27 November

We are celebrating 20 years of La Grande Famille. A big party is being planned. Moulin Roty have partnered with the illustrator Camille Jourdy to produce a beautiful Christmas gift guide, where every animal of the Grande Famille is included in the preparations for a beautiful Christmas.

To see our selection of Christmas gifts, view the gift guide here:

To find your local stockist, please visit: //

Moulin Roty Christmas toy guide

Les Papoum has arrived!

18 June

It’s twilight in the Savannah, you can hear the roar of a lion in the distance, a hippopotamus and an elephant with her little ones approach the water for their evening bath……

Papoum is a unisex range, incorporating corals, cobalt, rust, yellows and turquoise tones built around a core of neutral fawn. Papoum beautifully complements the natural elements popular in current home ware trends.

Discover the new range on site and shop the full range of Les Papoum.

36 activities to entertain kids at home

03 April

We have gathered a collection of Moulin Roty toys from some of the finest online toy shops in Australia. This range of toys should help keep your kids amused and entertained during the holidays and the shutdown.

Easter toys

tin easter egg activity

Grande Famille tin egg from Big Dreams – suitable from one year. Hide a surprise inside this tin egg and create a treasure hunt for Easter.

Art and craft activities

sticker book for craft activities at home

Il etait une fois (Once upon a time) sticker book from Tickle Your Brain Toys from three years. Develop creativity and concentration.

dress up paper doll

Il etait une fois (Once upon a time) – Friends to Dress from Tara Dennis. From three years.

magic spirals for craft kits

Magic Spirals from 3 Cheeky Monkeys – suitable from six years. Develop creativity and pattern making.

french knitting for craft

French knitting kit from Big Dreams – from six years. Develop fine motor skills, concentration, and problem-solving skills.

diy tool kit kids activities

La Grande Famille DIY wooden toolkit from Little French Heart – suitable from three years.

Indoor play activities

garden lotto game

Le Jardin (The Garden) Lotto game from Monkey Puzzle – from four years – develops observation skills and rapidity – in French and English.

childrens tea set

Les Parisiennes tea set from Little French Heart – from two years – develop imagination with this great tea set.

castle shadow puppets

Les Histoires du Soir castle shadow puppets from Send A Toy – from four years – develop verbal skills and imagination.

sequin kaleidoscope

Les Petites Merveilles Jungle cats – Sequin kaleidoscope from A Trip To the Moon – suitable from three years – discover beautiful patterns in this ever changing amazing sequin gel kaleidoscope.

magic magnifying glass book

Magic Magnifying Glass book from Little Snail suitable from four years – develop problem-solving skills and solve the mystery with this fun detective book.

magic pine tree

Magic Pine Tree from A Trip to the Moon – suitable from three years – add water and watch the magic tree grow.

dress up toy wardrobe set

Grande Famille – Little Wardrobe from id.dezine – suitable from two years – develop imagination and social skills with this popular pretend play case.

glow in the dark ball

Glow in the dark ball – from Princess for a Knight – suitable from three years. Develop coordination and fitness.

ballerina mouse suitcase

Ballerina mouse in suitcase – from Honeybee Toys – suitable from three years. Develop verbal skills and imagination with pretend play.

3d viewer

Histoire du Soir 3d viewer from Tickle Your Brain Toys

magic butterflies

Magic Butterflies from Dragonfly Toys. Suitable from three years. Develop coordination and wonder.

violette rag doll

Les Rosalies – Violette rag doll from Tree Top Toy Shop from birth. Great for developing social-emotional skills and makes a beautiful decorative item in a child’s room.

wooden building blocks

Wooden building blocks from Stranger than Paradise. Suitable from 2 years. Develop fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness.

little red riding hood doll

Little Red Riding Hood doll from Jasper Junior. Suitable from 10 months. Develops verbal and social-emotional skills as well as imagination and storytelling skills.

cinema box

Histoire du Soir 32 piece Cinema box from Little Snail. Suitable from four years. Kids will love to put on their own shows and will support verbal storytelling skills and imagination.


in the street graphic puzzle

Bambins graphic illustration puzzle – In the Street from Dragonfly Toys – suitable from three years. Develop concentration, pattern recognition and problem-solving skills.

parisienne puzzle

Parisiennes Constance Puzzle from Curators Collective. Suitable from five years. Develop pattern recognition, problem-solving and concentration skills.


childrens pretend play baking set

Grande Famille baking set – from Honeybee Toys – suitable from three years old. Develop creativity and imagination with this popular pretend set.


garden observation game

Le Jardin (The Garden) – Treasures observation game from Elves in the Wardrobe – suitable from x years. Develop concentration and pattern recognition skills.

bedtime stories game

Histoire du Soir – Bedtime Stories from Earth Toys – suitable from four years. Develop creativity and storytelling.

Outdoor play activities

french elastics game

Aujourd’hui c’est Mercredi – French Elastics from Send A Toy – suitable from four years – great at developing coordination and gross motor skills.

juggling balls

Juggling balls – from 3 Cheeky Monkeys – suitable from three years – develop coordination and concentration.

Fun education

magnetic tangram

Magnetic Tangram – from Monkey Puzzle – from x years – develop problem solving, and spatial skills with this tangram game.

emotions and expressions game

Les Popipop – educational magnetic emotions and expressions game from Elves in the Wardrobe – suitable from 18 months. Develop

getting dressed magnets

Les Popipop – educational getting dressed magnets from Tree Top Toy Shop suitable from 18 months +. Develop pattern matching, problem solving and concentration skills.


wooden maracas

Voyage d’Olga maracas – from Baobag – from one year – stimulate the senses and develop musical ability with these double maracas.

For baby

activity cloud for a baby

Pachats cloud activity toy from Baobag – from birth – this activity toy will stimulate all the senses and help to start to develop strong neural networks.

rabbit comforter

Jolis Trop Beaux rabbit comforter from Juno Boutique – suitable from birth. Great emotional comforter to help soothe and sleep.

goose comforter

Voyage d’Olga goose comforter from Juno Boutique – suitable from birth. Develop sensory awareness and provides comfort.

elephant activity toy

Papoum activity elephant from Jasper Junior. Suitable from birth. Develops sensory awareness and is also a great comfort toy.

Moulin Roty present Les Petits 2018

20 January

We are excited to present the newest Moulin Roty range beautiful French toys. From Les Petits 2018 catalogue – Jolis Trop Beaux

Under a shower of confetti and streamers, 2018 celebrates the arrival of the Jolis Trop Beaux (cousins to the Jolis Pas Beaux and literally ‘The Too Pretty Ones’)! All the collections hurry to strike the pose in front of the camera to mark the occasion!

The new ranges and new products should be available in your local retailers in April / May. Stock will be limited, so to avoid disappointment sign up here to be the first to know that they are available.

Les Trop Beaux - Moulin Roty

Introducing Petit Chose

21 June

Let yourself be carried away by a beautiful story; a gentle, flower-filled journey in the company of ‘Petit Chose’.

Cuddly little imps who will take you by the hand and lead you towards a world of tenderness and poetry.

‘Petit Chose’ has joined the world of Moulin Roty. The delightful baby pixies that make up the collection have hand-painted faces made of natural rubber, giving each a character that is quite unique! All products in the range are designed with exclusive fabrics and finishes.