Notícias - March de 2018

Aujourd’hui c’est mercredi

19 Jan 2016

The Aujourd’hui c’est mercredi collection from Moulin Roty offers an imaginative and vibrant range of games and toys, many speci…

Dans la Ville

11 Aug 2021

Toot toot! Brum brum! Honk honk!

Go zooming around the streets, build your own city or stop at the gas station for some snack…

Il était une fois

02 Sep 2014

A ballerina mouse wearing a tutu pirouettes on the edges of pretty pink tea cups. Along with a beautiful group of enchanted fairies,…

les broc n rolls musical soft toys - kids fashion accessories

Les Broc’ n Rolls

10 Aug 2016

These rock musician dolls straight from a road movie enter the stage – it’s the Broc & Rolls! This crazy group of lanky …

Les Grands Explorateurs

10 Oct 2022

Discover faraway lands, like real adventurers!

With binoculars around his neck, a compass and a water bottle hanging from his…

Les histoires du soir

19 Jan 2016

A thousand and one tales to tell: with hands, silhouettes of cardboard and a lamp, projecting on the wall colourful pictures, everyt…

Les Jouets métal

19 Jan 2016

Climb aboard the train and lose your head in the chase, and spin, spin, spinning tops, to the sound of the music box’s brass band….

Les Parisiennes

09 Feb 2016

Madame Constance with Mesdemoiselles Eglantine, Colette, Eloïse, Agathe and Blanche, very Parisian and at the peak of fashion, take…

Les petites merveilles

19 Jan 2016

Les petites merveilles translates in English as ‘the little marvels’. This collection of novelty toys are designed to be…

Les Popipop

19 Jan 2016

Explode a burst of colour into your world with the fun and educational toys range – Les Popipop from Moulin Roty. From wax cra…