Notícias - March de 2018

soft rabbit toy

Trois Petits Lapins

02 Mar 2023

Hop, Hop, Hop! Is that the sound of a soft rabbit toy bouncing and bustling around at the bottom of the garden in search…

les baba bou - lion soft toy, elephant plush toy, rabbit soft toy

Les Baba Bou

23 Jul 2019

Discover Les Baba Bou, a soft and gentle range of toys that will transport you back to childhood memories of traditional playthings …

pomme des bois - toy duck, squirrel toy, donkey toy in the kitchen

Pomme des Bois

06 May 2022

Come on a tasty adventure searching for juicy apples and delicious, ripe strawberries with the new Pommes des Bois collection from M…

apres la pluie soft toys - moulin roty les petits in the pantry eating biscuits - japanese plush toys, toy rainbow, pink toys, sheep plush toy

Apres la pluie

23 Jul 2019

Apres la Pluie is a charming collection of Japanese plush toys that includes Plume the rabbit, Brume the mouse, Giboulee the cat, Lu…

La Grande Famille characters are baking in the kitchen. Features a soft bunny toy, rabbit stuffed toy, dog soft toy, plush toy duck, wooden dolls house, toy mouse

La Grande Famille

19 May 2015

If you’re looking for adorable, high-quality toys for your little ones, look no further than La Grande Famille from Moulin Rot…

Zimba the panther sips on freshly squeezed juice in the kitchen - jungle animals toys, jungle toys, panther toy, toucan toy, tiger toy

Dans La Jungle

25 Feb 2020

Introducing Dans la Jungle, a vibrant and colourful range of jungle animal toys and accessories from Moulin Roty. Designed to encour…

the sous mon baobab animals are mixing spices in their kitchen. Features a giraffe toy, lion plush toy and elephant baby toy

Sous mon Baobab

25 Feb 2020

Sous mon Baobab is a collection of soft and beautiful baby items designed to be tender and graphic, perfect for gifting. Inspired by…


28 Jan 2019

This little gaggle of geese is on a journey. Mummy Olga is taking her three little ones on an adventure to see the world. Her childr…

Les Moustaches

28 Jan 2019

Alphonse, Fernand, and Lulu are three happy, mustachioed tom cats with an elegant look, a touch snazzy. They share a love of beautif…